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In development


24m long x 9m wide

Can be fitted with a variety of equipment to fit the needs of the customer

This design concept was presented to the Russian Ministry of Fisheries in November of 2018 and received great praise for innovation. The design is a product of a closed workshop held by the Russian government to find a solution on how to renew the hundreds of outdated vessels of this size category currently operating in the Black Sea, Sea of Azov as well as the Baltic Sea. This fleet is commonly referred to as the Mosquito fleet of Russia. The design aims to be produced in large quantities and will be able to be fitted with a wide variety of equipment. Our goal is to offer a turn key vessel with solutions from our Knarr Maritime partners providing integrated wheelhouse solution with Video Wall, RSW and cooling systems, Winch package as well as processing gear. This "one-size fits all" design can be optimized and tailored towards needs of the fisherman. Our Nautic Enduro Bow concept is intact but tailored in this design to fit the smaller size vessel.

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